Screenprinting Workshop

Thursday June 13th 2024



Learn the process of screenprinting in this fun workshop where students will learn how to get a drawing or photograph ready to be exposed onto the screen, prep their screens and print a single color onto paper. Students will learn how to prep the screen prior to exposure, print and then how to wash-out the design. Different kinds of paper will be discussed and registration processes will be taught as well.

All materials are provided and all experiences welcomed

Must be 18+

About the Instructor:

Kelly graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a BFA in studio art, concentration in printmaking, but considers herself a mixed media artist. She has lived in south Florida, Atlanta, Syracuse, NY, and currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee. Regardless of where she lives she finds a community where she can make art, learn new processes and teach what she is most passionate about. Kelly is currently the director of the Knoxville Arts Center where she enjoys creating programming for the community she lives and teaches in.

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