Printmakers Anonymous Print Celebration

PA Knoxville is a casual group of local printmakers that get together once a month to nerd out about printmaking, show-n-tell, and talk shop together. It has been an unofficial group for the past year, but now we are officially coming out to Knoxville and shouting out to all local printmakers to join us every Second Saturday at 6pm. Our home base for meetups is at the Relay Ridge Printshop, but we have intentions to hold monthly gatherings at other printshops and other print-related locations on occasion. We are working on making a social media account and mailing list, but for now, you can always reach us at for any information.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to find other printmakers in the city and we simply want to bring lonely printmakers together, reinvigorate your enthusiasm for print and share a general comradery for printmaking.

Join us Friday November 10th 6-9pm as members of Knoxville’s new print support group – Printmakers Anonymous – come out of the shadows and make it known that WE ARE HERE and we are here FOR YOU!

It’ll be a Printmaking Celebration!

😮Printmakers Anonymous group sign-up + info event

😯Printmaking exhibition showcasing Knoxville artists

😲Open RR Artist Studios
(PLUS 1 studio space available starting Dec 1st, more info TBA!)

🤯Dolly Parton themed Print-Demo-Party in the Printshop